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​Are Your Carpets Looking Dull ​or Stained?

​Over time your carpets get used significantly. This use can drastically reduce the appearance of your carpet's color. What once was a vibrant looking carpet is now a dull mat. Those added stains just make your carpet look even more worn out.


​It's Time To Call Quality Carpet Cleaning Professionals When...

  • ​Stains ​Occur
  • ​Pet Accidents
  • ​Faded Color
  • Flooded Room
  • Apartment Move-Out Inspection

​It's recommended that homeowners get their carpets professionally cleaned once per year. This type of cleaning is unable to be done by typical home vacuuming systems. Rather, professional carpet cleaners have equipment that penetrates deep into the carpet removing hazardous dirt and pollutants. 

​Premier​e Carpet Cleaners For The State College Area

​Weaver's Carpet Cleaning

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​Weaver's Carpet Cleaning provides carpet cleaning and flood restoration for the State College and surrounding areas. They specialize in residential, apartment, and commercial properties.

(814) 883-8199

​Keeping your carpets looking fresh can significantly improve the look of any room. Carpet cleaning is a service which is available for both residential and commercial properties. Whether your home needs and uplift or your office is looking run down, State College carpet cleaning specialists can help.